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Individual Improvement
(Kobetsu Kaizen)
Autonomous Maintainence
(Jishu Hozen)
Planned Maintainence
(Kelkaku Hozen)
Quality Maintainence
(Hinshitsu Hozen)
Education & Training
Development Management
Safety, Health & Environment
Office TPM

Upcoming Programs :
Competition :

Master Class On Total Productive Maintenance,22nd May 2017, Gurgaon

Workshop on Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) 22-24 May 2017, Mumbai

Delhi  Competition On Human Mistake Proofing (POKA – YOKE), 15-16 June 2017: Bangalore

Welcome to TPM Club India

When the Indian economy was opened up during early 90’s, Indian Industry had to constantly strive towards becoming competitive with many global players entering Indian Market. Many new philosophies, tools & techniques were adopted by the Indian Industry to achieve this objective. TPM Club India also works with JMAC TPM Company,Japan for supporting Indian Industry.

TPM Club India Membership

TPM Club India operates with a membership approach.