Workshop on Quality Maintenance to Achieve Zero Defect Status

From Thursday 27 February 2020 -  08:00am
To Friday 28 February 2020 - 05:00pm
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A Workshop to Understand:

  • Definition of Defect
  • Utilization of defect matrix
  • 4M Condition
  • QM Matrix
  • Q Components


Upon attending the program the participants will be able to analyze the defects and have the focus and intention to control the variations in the process which causes the defects in the product. They will gain confidence to do kaizen / process developments/pokayoke. Further project teams can be formed for various defects and worked for improvement with category A, B , C projects. ( A being top management level projects, B being the middle management level projects and C being the operator level projects/activities.

The concept of Quality Maintenance pillar has been discussed in various forums and the methodology has been understood by the participants. However it has been found that using the concepts in actual workplace has been rather difficult. In order to support industries to overcome this problem, CII TPM CLUB INDIA is organizing a workshop to provide hands on experience on how to use this excellent concept to achieve ZERO DEFECT STATUS.

The Challenge of producing Quality products at affordable cost has been Prevalent in all the industry. There are many tools and techniques which are available but the best part of that choosing the right tools and right methodology for creating zero defect Machine/Zero defect process and ultimately zero defect organization is the focus area now. However it needs learning right from basic learning process of formation of defects to High end techniques to reduce/eliminate the same. It requires right skill, right management control systems above all culture for Quality. This is more than a process it is way of life that has to be built in. If you see the process of defect occurrence and repetition it is due to the difficulty in understanding the process of Generation of defects and effective methods of application of tools and techniques to find out route causes.


After this program the participants will be able to define and analyze the defect and find route causes and recommend actions for improvement and methods of promoting this QM pillar activities in the organization. This will enable them to contribute defect reduction in the company.

Workshop Coverage:

This workshop has been designed to provide the following knowledge and skill aspects of Quality Maintenance pillar activities to the participants.

  1. Knowledge of QM Pillar activities & relation to Kobetsu Kaizen Pillar.
  2. Understanding relationship & support required from JH.
  3. Understanding how to define a defect the TPM way (phenomenon definition & classification).
  4. Understanding the defect mode.
  5. Capturing the defect data in a company & documentation.
  6. Preparation of Quality Assurance Matrix and its usage
  7. Understanding the 4M conditions pertaining to the defect & documentation. Survey on 4M conditions and studying the possibilities of Kaizens.
  8. Understanding the QM Matrixes and how to fill it.
  9. Understanding the Q Components.

Note: Session for both the days is expected to be from 0900-1730, request all participants to plan accordingly.

Target Audience:

Quality Heads, Manufacturing Heads, Engineering Heads, Process Heads, Engineers, Senior Managers, Managers from Manufacturing, Coordinators, Process, Engineering and Quality, SQA, CQA personnel.

The number of delegates is restricted to a maximum of 25 (on-first-come-first served basis). As a policy, competitors to the host company would not be entertained for this workshop.

Faculty: Mr. P M Janagiraman, Principal Counsellor, TPM Club India, CII IQ

Delegate Fee:

Fee for Members: 11,000/- per person + GST

Fee for Non-Members: 12,00/- per person + GST

  • As a group of three or more delegates from a single organisation, you are entitled to a 10% discount.
  • Pre-registration and pre-payment is essential for participation. Cheque/DD towards delegate fee should be drawn in favor of CII Institute of Quality, payable at Bangalore. Delegate fee is nonrefundable, however, change in nomination is acceptable.
  • NEFT details will be shared if required.

Members / Non-members are requested to kindly nominate the concerned executives to attend this very important workshop and confirm their names vide the enclosed REGISTRATION FORM. For registration, please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Yours sincerely,

Abdul Wadood
Principal Counselor & Head
CII IQ-TPM Club India.

For Registration please contact:

Mani Kumar
CII IQ-TPM Club India
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mobile: +91-9738227462.

Location : Chennai
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